Is there really a grain that SUPERCHARGES fat loss?

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

There is a new beast for fat loss in town and his name is Quinoa.

So many people think that making the change from white flour to whole wheat is enough, it is a huge positive change but there is always a step further. Quinoa is that next step because after all, all grains are not made the same and this one is HIGH quality.

I don’t think I’m the only one that loves cereal, rice and carbs but they’re just not that useful which is why I cut them down in my diet for the most part.

Quinoa however provides a complete source of protein like no other, each containing 26 amino acids .. BOOM.

It’s a solid source of protein for each serving so your not just eating it for the exotic name.

AND to make it that much better, it’s extremely low on the glycemic index. By the way another great fruit to munch on are cherries which are also super low on the index and because of the pit, you get fuller faster because you have to chew around it and therefore not cram a handful into your mouth. The more you chew the stronger the signal to your brain telling you that you’re full .. buts that’s another story, we’re talking about the beautiful Quinoa.

You can eat it with beans, with chicken, salmon, in a salad .. the options are endless.

The goal is to find the foods that will burn that fat and that you can also enjoy eating. They’re out there you just have to learn about them.

For more awesome foods that will supercharge your fat loss check this out:

Food That Burn Fat


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