There are actually 2 best times .. in the morning and after intense exercise. The rest of the time you’re 100x better off filling up on something else.

I’m going to keep repeating the key foods to focus on so they’re burned into your brain:

fruits, vegetable, legumes, nuts, seeds, beans.

These food are tha BOMB for melting belly fat but unfortunately, carbs are so damn GOOD!!

In the morning your body is most tolerant to glucose and therefore WAYYYY less likely to store the carbs as fat. It’s similar after intense exercise, you’ve burned off all your energy stores and hopefully worked out hard enough, and efficiently enough to start hitting your fat stores.

Efficient workouts are key so go ahead and research interval workouts if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Soooooo, having burned off all your primary energy stores during exercise, your body is ready to suck up carbs for about 1-1:30 hours after the workout .. that means start working your butt off more often and then you get to eat more carbs .. ka-BOOOOM!

Here’s a solid guide to follow:

Exercise Day:

Breakfast:  protein/carbs
Mid-morning:  protein/fat
Lunch:  protein/fat
Mid-afternoon:  protein/fat
Evening (after exercise): protein/carbs
Pre-bed: protein/fat

Non-exercise Day:

Breakfast:  protein/carbs
Mid-morning:  protein/carbs
Lunch:  protein/fat
Mid-afternoon:  protein/fat
Evening: protein/fat
Pre-bed: protein/fat

If you want to get this part of you’re life taken care of NOW, hit me up .. I’ve got a badass boot camp starting soon!

text ‘BADASS’ to 514 928 0585 or give me a shout and I’ll dial you in.



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