There’s a learning curve to this, I’m not gonna lie. When you have the right person telling you what to do it WILL save you years of research and trial and error.

You have to learn what it means to train effectively and eat effectively. Some people LOVE to workout, if that’s not you, no big deal. BUUUUTTTT you will have to be accountable to someone or else every single fitness goal you have will turn into that gym membership that debits 60 bucks off your account EVERY SINGLE month while you show up less than a handful of times 😦

If you don’t love to exercise you NEED someone behind you making sure you’re on track. This can be a friend, family member, lover or an AWESOME trainer who wants the best for you. When someone else knows your goal, you’re 100x more likely to achieve it, why I’m not sure, most likely pride but who cares .. if it works it works.

First things first, learn what a portion size is and stick to it at each meal. Eating less will shrink your stomach and help you lose fat.

It’s of course SUPER important to put the right foods in your mouth because all foods are not made the same and to lose the pounds you HAVE to find out what those SUPERFOODS are and when to eat them AND in which combinations. I know, it sounds like a lot but it’s not. Remember when you were starting that brand new job? Close your eyes and think back to the first day, it seemed overwhelming with 1000 new things to learn. Then slowly day by day it got easier and easier until 2 weeks later, you were basically doing it with your eyes closed! OK maybe not with your eyes closed but you know what I’m getting at. Your just learning a new habit and once you have, it’s a breeze and you’ll lose fat faster and faster. Get a customized fat loss plan by clicking the link .. Kyle knows how to make fat loss happen so take the first step by clicking the link.

There’s always that voice in head saying “no you can’t” .. “it’s just way too hard” .. “what am I going to do when I’m board or feeling like crap!” .. “I don’t feel like it” .. “I’m so lazy” …. Luckily theres also that other voice in you’re head saying “it’s time to make a change” .. “you know how AMAZING you’re going to feel once you take care of this” .. “I remember when I was active and DAMN that felt good, I’m gonna get back there!” ….

You’ve gotta punch the LOSER voice IN THE FACE and take care of this because you WILL feel a million times better about yourself when you do.

So when you start hearing that LOSER voice you gotta say:

And go exercise and make that healthy meal choice! and go exercise after work! and tell someone about your new goals.

A long time ago when I found out I could complete a workout at home with little to no equipment in only 10-20 mintutes my life was turned upside down. You can get an AMAZING workout by just doing chinups, pushups, squats and jumps for 10 minutes.

The trick is you gotta start focusing on the frame you want to build and not just getting thinner. You can specifically tailor your body to the shape you want, it’s called BODY REDESIGN. I used to workout with the goal of putting on muscle mass and getting bigger which is what you’ll hear alot of guys say. Eventually when my practice evolved I realized I don’t need to put on mass, I just have to figure out the right exercises that will shape my body the way I want. I love to box so I started doing a lot of powerlifting to build my explosive strength and also alot of body weight work to improve my balance and coordination.

This built my explosive strength and completely reshaped my body. I’m 25 pounds lighter than I used to be but I’m WAAAYYYY stronger. What I’m getting at is you have to figure out exactly what you’re working towards in order to get there and it has to be more specific than just “I want to be thinner”. You have to decide that for example, you want strong lean legs, toned arms thighs and butt .. or EVEN BETTER, get a picture of a body you admire and want to have and look at it often, every day! THATS WHAT YOU WORK TOWARDS.

Find out the exercises that will get you there and DO IT. Heres a simple body weight workout vid (there’s part 1 and 2) you can follow at home. I post one every tuesday and thursday on youtube for your viewing pleasure :-).

ANNDD remember, accountability is KEY. So write down you goals and write a specific date you want to reach that goal .. then tell someone about it.

Stop making your life difficult! Join a boot camp (text “superfit” to 514 928 0585) where you WILL get the fastest results because the WORKOUT, NUTRITION (it’s not a diet) and ACCOUNTABILITY are all served to you on a silver platter! Check out Wendy and Chad, February’s SuperFit Body Boot Camp ROCKSTARS who lost a combined weight of 22.5 pounds in 10 days!!!

From the Poll I posted a few days back, over 50% of people believed that it takes 3+ months to lose 20 pounds. This may be the case if you’re doing it WRONG because your only losing … 1.7 pounds per week! That’s Crapola. Follow my blog and the tuesday and thursday workout vids and I’ll teach you to do it THE RIGHT WAY 😉

Rock on!!



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