First off, tomorrow SUPERDanielle and I are going to make a kick ass workout video for you to rock out with from home 🙂

Everything we do is fueled by the desire to bring you more pleasure or avoid pain .. EVERYTHING.

You’re probably saying, OK Cale, so what are you getting at.

Well to start, when it comes to exercise and eating right you have to get your mind straight. I always talk about having a clear goal in mind, a goal that’s vivid and that you’re constantly working towards. This goal represents ALOT of pleasure for you once it’s achieved, does that make sense?

Whenever you start eating junk food, or skipping a workout whats happening is that whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re deciding that the immediate (usually small and unfulfilling) pleasure of scarfing on junk, or going home and watching tv rather than working out is more satisfying, and will provide you with more pleasure than eating properly or kicking butt in your workout. What you have to do when this comes up is get back to the end result, the HUGE pleasure you will experience when you reach your goal and earn that BANGIN BOD you strut down the beach with in a 2 piece, saying “Awwwww yeah .. you know it” in your head to all the studs stairing at you.

To get a solid jump start on your eating habits and fat loss, check out what Isabel Dos Rios has to say. Whenever Isabel talks, I listen! She always blows me away with her simple, easy to follow method of getting the most bang for your buck at each meal which WILL get you FAST fat loss results that LAST.

Rock on!!



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