First enjoy my quick step up FAILURE 😉

quick step up FAILURE


Actual Full Body BLAST circuit:

Rip this one apart!!

Go full out for 15 to 20 minutes taking as little rest as possible.

When you get to the last exercise (the Heizman) start the circuit over.

I was doing it at 50% .. go at 100% on your own.

Make sure to record how many circuits you were able to complete and how long it took you .. AND make sure to beat that score the next time you do it!


1) Quick step up (30 seconds on a surface that’s over 1 foot)

2) Ninja jump up with high knee jump (10 reps. This is advanced, if you’re a beginner just do the high knee jump up)

3) Get up (10 reps. Use a dumbell or kettle bell if you want to take it to the next level)

4) Kick up (10 reps. The key is not to go as high as possible but rather to land as lightly as possible)

5) Jump lunges (10 reps)

6) The Heizman (10 reps)

The next workout later this week is going to be more advanced and will focus on core so keep your eyes open for it 🙂

Rock on!!


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  1. danibouchard says:

    Cale you forgot to put the “Boat pose with rotation” in your description…! 😀

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