The benefits of HIT (high intensity training)

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I KNOW you want to burn fat and reshape your body effectively and the best way to do it is with high intensity training and LOTS of variety.

Jumping on the treadmill for a long cardio session to burn off all the food you ate this weekend is NOT effective! You will burn way more calories by doing a crazy interval circuit for 15-20 mintutes like the ones I’ve been posting for you and especially by doing a KICK ASS BOOT CAMP.


Lets get clear on a few things:

Your not going to get an AMAZING body from jumping on the treadmill for a long boring session and then going to the elliptical and continuing the boardom. You have to build some solid muscle to get the shape you want and have your skin sticking to your muscle. Lifting heavy weights and doing lots of pushups and squats and other body weight exercises will not make you look like a man unless you have as much testosterone as a man so don’t worry about it.

Getting and staying healthy is a lifestyle shift that you have to stick with, you can go on a diet and lose a ton of weight but as soon as you stop the diet, if you don’t continue to eat properly and instead go back to your old eating habits, you WILL gain the weight back. Exercise and eating right is a lifestyle, it’s something you have to do daily and enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it you’re not going to do it so make sure that you have a clear goal to work towards and are evolving your practice by finding the foods and types of exercise that you love. If you love doing it, you’ll do it every single day no problemo 🙂

I sometimes get board of my exercise practice and as soon as I feel that, I change it up right away! Over the years I’ve found the types of exercise that I love so I look forward to it every single day, it’s a highlight for me. Any time I hear “I hate to exercise” I know that person hasn’t found the type of exercise that juices them .. keep your eyes open and be open to trying new things often and you WILL the types of exercise you’re passionate about.

FAT AND CELLULITE ARE THE SAME THING, cellulite is not a specific type of fat AND it’s not due to genetics!!! Cellulite is stored energy (ie: fat) and to get rid of it you have to start burning more energy .. so get your butt in gear and start doing some circuit training asap. I’m going to say it again because it’s so important, when you’re storing more energy than your expending in a day, you gain weight, its that simple!

That leads to the next KEY point I want to make, focusing on how many calories your consuming in a day and how many your expending is effective for losing weight/fat however whats just as important is the quality of the calories that you’re consuming. In order to lose weight you have to use more energy than you consume but you’re body is the sum of the foods you eat and the types of exercise you perform so learn which foods are the MOST MICRONUTRIENT rich and start incorporating them into your diet .. they are fruits, vegetable, legumes, nuts, seeds and beans. These foods are the BOMB for weight loss.

Quality also caries over to the types of exercise you perform. At the beginning I mentioned how useless long boaring cardio sessions are, that’s a low quality form of exercise. Jogging is a very small part of your workout practice.

You’re 1000x better off doing a circuit like this for 15 mintutes:

1 leg glute bridge 10 reps each side

spiderman pushup 20 reps

jump lunges 30 reps

1 leg squat 10 reps each side

box jumps 10 reps

commando pushup 20 reps

side to side high knees 20 seconds

I did this one the other day for 20 minutes and I was drenched!!!


Remember quality over quantity, this applies to exercise, your diet and probably every part of life.


Rock on!!









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