The #1 fitness tip I can give to YOU

Posted: March 21, 2012 in AWESOMNESS, calefitness, SuperFit Body Boot Camp
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The #1 tip I can give to you, the one that will make all the difference in whether you get FAST, LASTING results or give up after a week is to TAKE BABY STEPS.

Don’t look for the quick fix in the form a magic bullet or a magic pill, it doesn’t exist!

When you see someone who’s in FANTASTIC shape 99% of the time that person has spent time perfecting their practice. Luckily there are short cuts to getting the quick results you’re looking for however, if you’re looking for quick results you have to make sure they LAST or else those fast results will disappear as fast as they came and you’ll be right back where you started if not worse off.

When I say take baby step, what I mean is find something small that you can do today to improve your health. It can be something as small as parking far away from the grocery store or work or avoiding the drive through. Start getting used to taking the time to move your body and not always rushing from one thing to the next.

It has to be enjoyable for you or else you won’t do it! I love to exercise because I’ve found the types of exercise that I’m passionate about. If you hate going to the gym, or hate lifting weights, or hate getting on the tread mill .. just don’t do it.

Find stuff that you like to do, it will take a little trial and error but you’ll find it. A boot camp is by far the funnest and fastest way to supercharge your fat loss and fitness results and you learn how to maintain those results even if you’re not at boot camp. Maybe yoga is your thing or boxing or running outside, your exercise passion is out there you just have to find it.

So take those baby steps every single day, fight off the urge to eat that poutine, go read an article a day on my health and fitness magazine to gain some perspective and use what you read! Go for a 30 minute walk with your favorite music on you ipod, or go climb a mountain!!

Just as important as taking those baby steps is to push your boundaries. We always set a line in the sand that we’re afraid to cross, the funny part is that usually the fears on the other side turn out to be nothing. I find whenever I’m procrastinating something it’s because I associate some sort of fear to it .. but every time I face a fear I look back and say to myself “that was nothing!” So push your boundaries and try new things as often as possible.

I always think to myself, when I’m on my deathbed, what regrets do I NOT want to have .. that always puts it into perspective for me πŸ™‚

Most importantly, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.

It applies to pretty much EVERY part of life, getting a mentor is the best thing you can do because it can cut out years, LITERALLY YEARS of trial and error. Take a healthy short cut and learn about health and nutrition from someone who knows their stuff. Check out my online magazine for some awesome articles

Rock on!!



  1. Ashley says:

    So true! I started going to the gym like once a week but I found a few things that I loved and now I work out almost every day (not usually at the gym though).

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