Have you ever got a gym membership, used it for a month or two and then kept it unused as a next week resolution saying to yourself “i’ll go to the gym on Monday” over and over?

Are you going to the gym 2, 3 or even 4 times a week and seeing little to now results month by month?

Are you walking around the gym in a daze wondering if what your doing is actually doing anything?

Is going to the gym comparative to going to the dentist in your mind?

If you answered yes to anyone of these quesitons, somethings REALLY wrong!

Working out, getting and staying in AMAZING shape does not have to be a burden and it absolutely shouldn’t be. If it is, it’s time for you to find an alternative that you enjoy and can be passionate about.

Life is WAY TO SHORT to be doing stuff you hate. If you can’t stand your job .. QUIT. If you don’t like your girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband then end it. Get rid of as many things as possible in your life that you don’t love and fill it with things that your passionate about. Now this obviously doesn’t apply to everything, theres very few of us that enjoy doing our taxes or doing the dishes ..

I’m getting pretty deep here, what I’m getting at is exercise and eating right is something that you have to do and you have to do it daily. It makes your body happy and improves your life 100 fold, the key is to find a way to enjoy it.

There are BILLIONS of possibilities out there for ever single aspect of your life and that goes for exercise and nutrition. Make a point of finding what you enjoy and get rid of all the stuff you don’t enjoy. If you like to run, well by golly go for a run and love every single minute of it. If you like to crank out pushups, squats and jump lunges with “eye of the tiger” BLASTING in the background then do that!! Do whatever brings you passion and love every single minute of it. You are most in touch with who you are when your doing what you love so don’t hold back .. do what you love and do it EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

One of the absolute best parts about boot camp is that it’s a ton of fun and you’re surrounded by awesome people who are kickin butt with you. Boot camp is about training HARD, getting FAST, LASTING results doing it and loving every single minute of it!!! Thats one option .. there are billions as I mentioned earlier so get out there and try out as many different types of exercise as you can. Eventually you’re going to find the ones that you look forward to every single day and then guess what .. ka-BOOM, you’ve got your winners!

Get out of your comfort zone and try different types of exercise, DO THE SAME with your nutrition. Experiment with all the different types of awesome natural foods to find your winning equations. Don’t get stuck eating the same stuff every single day because “it’s easy.”

Easy is easy .. but it’s not what makes life AMAZING.

Whenever I hear someone say I do it because I’m used to it, or its easy, or it’s a routine for me I think to myself this persons gotta try new things. I get stuck all the time doing things that I’m used to and whenever I change it up I’m ALWAYS stoked that I did. I recently cut my finger pretty badly so I couldn’t do the normal types of workouts that I love. I had to seriously change it up but after I felt FANTASTIC because I could feel that I worked a ton of new muscles that needed some love. I’m passionate about finding new workout methods, more and more effective tools to improve my practice which brings me passion and BOOM .. I’m fueled up!

So get you butt out there and try new things. I’m not just talking about exercise and nutrition, I’m talking about everything. Go out and face 1 fear every single day!!!

Don’t end up on your deathbed saying .. DAMN I wish I’d __________.

Rock on yall!!

My 3 week skinny jeans boot camp is coming up fast so reserve your spot asap, text “superfit” to 514 928 o585 to get dialed in at 50% off!!



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