Your body is pretty dang smart and adapts incredibly fast but when it comes to the difference between starvation and dieting .. your body is clueless and can’t tell the difference. Dieting is similar to starving only not as extreme.

You’re taking in less calories than you need in order to lose weight and for your body, thats a problem.

Fortunately when you start a diet it takes your body a little while to react and go into starvation mode but when it does, your metabolism slows, fat storing hormones increase and fat burning hormones decrease which sucks big time for fat loss but is AWESOME for you. Now you’re saying to yourself, “this guys out to lunch, how does me storing more fat and losing less weight good for me ..”

Let me back track for a second and then tell you why it’s great news for you. The hormone Leptin is pretty much the general that gives the orders to all your fat burning and storing hormones telling your body whether or not it’s time to burn fat and lose weight or store fat in case of possible starvation. Storing fat is a defense mechanism because fat is warm and its a long term energy source which keeps you alive longer in case you are actually starving.

So in order to lose weight you have to consume less calories than you expend while keeping your leptin levels up so that your body doesn’t go into starvation mode and continues burning fat.

Back to why it’s awesome for you when your metablism slows. It usually takes about a week for your Leptin levels to decrease then slowing your metabolism and to counteract that I want you to chow down on chocolate!!!


Yes, let the cheating begin!! In order to counteract the low leptin levels and prevent your metablism from slowing you get to eat chocolate or pizza or any other cheat food you can think of. Thats why I always stick with the 80% 20% rule with my clients, eat properly 80% and cheat 20% of the time each week in order to keep those Leptin levels up preventing your body from going into starvation mode. I know, it’s pretty awesome eh!!

So when you feel like your fat loss is starting to plateau .. go ahead and cheat like a fiend guilt free 🙂 in order to get your Leptin levels back up and supercharge your fat loss.

I’ll bet you’re starting to see that fat loss is easy when you understand your body and how it reacts to what you eat. The key is to stay one step ahead of your body and prevent it from thinking your stranded in a jungle starving, surviving on tree trunk grubs .. Mmmmmmm.

Now I’m really excited because I’ve got a second tool that perfectly complements the first I just gave you. This second tool will supercharge your fat loss EVEN MORE .. ka-BOOM.

After your cheat day, chowing down on pizza, pringles, a MASSIVE steak with scalloped potatoes, poutine, chilly dogs .. I’m getting wayyyy to carried away here .. so after the cheating your bodies LEPTIN levels are through the roof and your body is saying I’m definitely not starving in the jungle.  Because those LEPTIN levels are so high your body is primed for a huge calorie deficit the next day which you will achieve by eating very few calories the next day and by burning even more calories with specific and effective types of exercise.

To strategically fast the next day, eat very few calories but make sure those calories are from nutrtient rich foods so get your lean protein source and green vegetables and make sure to have a multivitamin and a condensed greens supplement which is packed with the phytochemicals.

For the exercise you’re going to mix interval training with circuit interval training for maximum calorie burn in the shortest period of time.

Rock on!!

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