90% of the time this is not the case! Yes, some people are luckier than others BUT 90 percent of the time, when you see someone who has a great body it’s because they’ve earned it.

It’s time for a solid quote from one of my favorite movies, MAN ON FIRE

“Theres trained, and theres untrained”

Having SUPERhealth and being in SUPERshape is a lifestyle and it takes alot of hard work. If you hate to work and you hate effort I’m sorry to say, you’ll never have a AWESOME bod.

If you’re not really taking care of your health and fitness take this one positive step in the right direction to get started:

1. Buy a little notebook and carry it around everywhere with you. Write down exactly what you eat and what time of day, and what you drink and what time of day and then look it over after 5 days.

If you’re not drinking AT LEAST 2-3 litres of water a day and are eating less than 3 solid meals you can take a baby step and first improve that. Thats all this is, baby steps and learning what does and doesn’t work. Take a few baby steps every day and be consistent, soon enough you’ll notice huge improvement.


Going back to the food log, make sure the 3 meals you’re eating every day are not build around carbs, ESPECIALLY if you’re not really exercising. Even better, start exercising by at least walking 20-30 minutes everyday and then you can have more carbs especially at breakfast.


Another important point I want to talk about is the difference between people who get results, and those who don’t. I can usually tell almost right away if a new client has what it takes to kick ass and get the body they want. This one thing is what makes or breaks 90% of people who are fed up and want to make a positive change and that’s MINDSET and how you talk to yourself.You can have all the most cutting edge tools for fat loss but if you don’t get in the right mindset you won’t achieve anything. (A beautiful thing is the effect of consistently working out and eating right, it often makes you feel 100x better about yourself and therefore improves your thoughts. )

Did you know you have over 10000 thoughts every day .. most of which you’re not even conscious of!! I couldn’t believe that when I heard it but then I started to pay attention a little and realized WOW .. my mind is always going! If you have no control over the way you talk to yourself because you’re not paying attention, you’re thoughts can ruin your life.

You’re probably saying, whats this guy talking about but bear with me for a sec. Heres an example from my life.

I love to workout during the day but about a year ago I had to change it up and start workout out after 9pm because I realized that I had 1000X more energy for my boot campers when I trained after rather than before.

So I started working out at night and HATED it!! I realized after a while of suffering that I was basically chanting over and over to myself while working out “I’m so tired”, “I feel like crap,” “this sux,” “I can’t do this,” … etc. Guess what, the more I said those things the more crummy I felt and each time my workout got worse and worse UNTILL I got SUPER fed up. I started to consciously change my thoughts and began to say to myself, “I’m so happy to be working out,” “I’ve got so much energy,” “I feel FANTASTIC,” “I’m a BEAST,” … etc. All of a sudden, like magic I started to feel fantastic and my workouts got better and better as I began to talk to myself better and better.

I don’t totally understand why it works but it does!!

So when I hear someone complaining, I know thats how their talking out loud and in their head.

Here’s my point, you have a goal, you want to get in FANTASTIC shape. You want to put on a bathing suit and feel amazing, walk down the beach and be proud of how you look. You want more energy and to not have to pound multiple coffees during the day to stay productive. You want to be healthy and know your taking care of your body which is a HUGE part of enjoying your life to the fullest.

You can do it!!! All you have to do is know you can do it and be willing to put the consistent effort into it daily. You have to stop thinking to yourself “I can’t do this,” “this is so hard,” I’m too tired to workout,” .. etc and start saying, “this is easy,” “I’m freekin AWESOME and I’m going to get to my goal,” “I love this and especially love the endorphin rush when I’m done,” .. etc. These are the thoughts that are going to fuel you and change you’re life!!

The tools in your fat loss aresenal are absolutely essential but not nearly as important as how you talk to yourself. If you’re positive and support yourself, you will find the path that will lead you to the health and body of your dreams. You WILL find the types of food you love and the types of workouts you love. Start supporting yourself with your thoughts and talking positive to yourself, the journey is all down hill from there 🙂

So do yourself a favor and take some steps today! Go to the grocery store and buy your favorite meats, veggies, fruits, nuts. Take a few hours sunday preparing healhty meals for the week that are mostly a lean protein source and vegetable.


NEVER say I didn’t have enough time to eat because that ballony .. make the time!!

Buy some frozen fruits or even better, fresh fruits and put them in the freezer. Make yourself a shake in the morning with those fresh fruits, a solid protein powder and a small handful of almonds, it’s delicious!!!

Go for a walk today or even better, join a program like a running group or a boot camp and follow through.

Try this circuit at home to get your heart rate up and blast some fat!!:

1. Run in place, high knees 30 seconds

2. Jump burpees 20

3. squat jumps 20

4. Front kick, side kick, back kick 10 reps each leg

5. 50 jumping jacks

6. Glute bridge 20 reps

7. side plank 20 count each side

Do that circuit for 10-15 mintutes resting only as needed.

Rock on!!



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