I love how the first 3 letters in diet are … DIE! What does that tell you?


You obviously have to eat right to be healthy and have your body look AMAZING. The foods you eat determine whether or not you’re going to have a strong lean body or be flabby and have a pancake butt.


Eating the right foods at the right times of day is only half the journey though, you have to exercise effectively which means don’t get on the treadmil or even worse the elliptical 5 days a week and expect FANTASTIC results.


Train like an athlete even if you’re the most uncoordinated person in the world .. you can still train like them to look and feel great!


Recently I had an AWESOME young lady join my boot camp with the goal of losing a bit of weight. When I first saw her I knew she had nothing to lose, all she needed was to build some solid lean muscle mass in the right areas to shape her body. AND developing that lean muscle in the right places startes with the boot camp workouts but ends with refueling her body afterwards with the right foods.


After her first 3 weeks, SUPERSteph definitely burned some fat but MORE IMPORTANTLY, she gained 6 pounds of lean muscle mass on all the right areas of her body to create one BOOM beach bod!!


It’s just that easy 🙂

Whether you have to lose 80 pounds or 0 pounds, the goal is NEVER to just lose weight .. the goal is to reshape your body by doing Metabolic resistance training (which is the BOMB for FAST, LASTING results) and eating the right foods at the right times of day. It only takes about 2-3 weeks to develop some solid habits, knowing exactly what to grab at the grocery store and when you open the fridge .. it’s all downhill from there 🙂


Every body has a different body, there is no universal fat loss method in terms of food that works well for everybody. Some people need more carbs than others, some need more protein etc. You have to get educated and find out what your body needs and once you know that, molding your body to look the way you want is SUPER EASY! All it takes is dedication, a clear picture of the way you want to look and feel, and setting weekly, monthly and even longer terms goals to stay on track.



“Success is 99% failure” so start failing ALOT in order to find what works. If you don’t move outside your comfort zone you’ll never know what’s out there.




Rock on!!




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