Mmmmmm Salty Nuts are AWESOME .. and guess what .. they’re also really good for you and your fat loss! I know what you’re saying, nuts are full of fat and I hear everywhere that salt is bad for fat loss.

Well guess what, Salty Nuts are good for you and heres why:

First of all lets hit on the fat situation in the nuts. YES, there is alot of fat in nuts BUT it’s the best type of fat that your body loves and is easy for it to digest.

Fat is HUGE for curbing your appetite keeping you fuller longer so don’t be afraid of it. When you get enough healthy fat at your meal or snack, your more likely to stay fuller longer and therefore not have carb and sugar cravings.

Ladies, you’re going to love this. Fat is also a huge promoter of healthy hair and skin. Again, I’m not talking about the fat in a macdonalds triple big mac but rather the fat in an avocado and nuts for example.

Fat is also necesarry for regulating healthy hormone levels which promote lean muscle tissue and recovery. It also helps stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Your entire nervous system NEEDS fat .. after all, all the electrical pulses that run through your body depend on a substance called MYELIN which promotes faster movement of those impulses. Myelin is made out of FAT!!! Speaking of which, if you’re not taking a fish oil supplement, go get one RIGHT NOW and start taking it at lunch and dinner. I’m not going to get into it right now because I’m talking about salty nuts but fish oil is essential for your body especially if you’re getting older.

Sooooo go get some nuts and start snacking (I’m chomping on a bag of salty almonds as I write), they are a perfect between meal source of healthy fat loss fuel. The best nuts are almonds, pecans, pistachios, wallnuts, brazil nuts, and cashews. Keep in mind the peanut is the runt of the nuts, it’s mass produced and altogether not that good for you.

Now lets talk about the Salt

Sodium in the right quantities is good for you so don’t avoid it like the plaque. When you avoid it at all cost your body hordes every little bit of it especially if you binge once in a while so enjoy a healthy level of sodium like on your salty nuts.

After all, sodium is a key player in helping your body to deliver potassium to your muscles during exercise.

Now that I’ve told you this, don’t add a pound of salt to everything you eat pulleassee but do make sure you’re getting enough of it daily as well as water and green tea to keep your system flushed and clean.



Rock on!!

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