I’m always looking for the common factors that seperate the people who drop the weight fast and reach their goals just as fast, and those who have a really tough time.


FINALLY, I’ve figured it out!



It made me laugh when I figured it out but then after a little more thought I realized these 2 actions create the foundation and keep you’re mind on your goal throughout the day every day. The worst thing you can say to me and yourself is “I didn’t have time” and “I missed a meal” because it’s just a bad excuse.


Now these two actions are the foundation but you do of course need to have the right guidance to build on that foundation, knowing the right foods to eat and in the right combination at the right times of day is obviously the key (superfitbodybootcamp.com).


I know, you’re saying “Damnit Cale, just get to the friggin point” lol


1. Write a daily food log EVERY SINGLE DAY of what you eat and what time of day you eat it AND what you drink and what time of day you drink it. It sounds like a pain in the butt for some of you I know but there are a couple phone apps like myfitnesspal that make it SUPER easy. Everyone I know whos using an app to record it loves how easy it is.


2. Makeing sure to drink your 2-2.5L of water/green tea every single day.


I know most of you are thinking DUH Cale, I already know about that, I want the magic pill that will make me lose 30 pounds this month.


Yeah, you CAN drop a ton of weight FAST and keep it off but I can guarantee you this, if you’re not doing a food log every single day and making sure your getting the right amount of water/green tea you’ll never get crazy results like Anastasia.


You see what happens is your IN IT, every single hour of every single day when your doing these 2 things. Your mind is always focussed throughout every single day on your goal which prevents you from cheating, getting amnesia for 3 days during which you ate whatever you want.


Yup, it’s that simple so start doing those 2 things today if you’re not already. And join the #1 boot camp in the west island (superfitbodybootcamp.com) if you’re not already in it because you need the other tools and best workouts to get the results.


Rock on!!!





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