80% of the quesitons I am usually asked about fitness and fat loss are the same, I’m going to cover a handful of them with you now because I’m sure they’ve popped up in your mind at some point or other.

Whenever I get on the phone with someone inquiring about SuperFit Body Boot Camp (superfitbodybootcamp.com)
at some point in the conversation I always ask “how do you feel about your eating habits?” More often than not the answer is that they feel they eat pretty damn well. 80% of the time they’re totally wrong and I find out by asking, “so what did you eat for breakfast and lunch?”

Today I spoke to 2 people in particular who are signing up for next weeks 3 week FAT FLUSH, one had two pieces of toast with nutella and the other had a piece of toast with margarine. I can’t remember what they said they had for lunch but these 2 answers stuck with me and I hear something similar ALL THE TIME.

Carbs are the easiest meals to make, they’re so accessible and fast to prepare  and it’s usually what we grow up with. Did you’re mom feed you chicken and vegetable for dinner or was it a heap of pasta, rice, bread, some meat and a bit of vegetables. It’s bad .. grabbing a piece of toast for breakfast is crapola. You can have that piece of toast but also have a couple hard boiled eggs, or some greek yogurt, some cottage cheese, a protein shake … get that protein source with your toast and KABOOM you’ve got a protein/carb meal without fat. At different times of the day you want to get protein/fat meals without carbs depending on what time of day and how much you exercise.

Eating for fat loss is a science, all you have to do is understand the equation that works and the results will come fast.

ACTION: make sure you’re fridge is filled with your power foods so that you’re always ready and when you cook your meals, cook them in bulk and tuperwear them up so you have them for work and when you’re in a rush or just don’t feel like cooking.

Another question I’m always asked is, “whats wrong with going for a jog for 30 minutes .. it’s exercise right?”
For sure it’s exercise but get more bang for your buck by running some intervals and mixing in some body weight work (strength training) with some squats, pushups and lunges every few minutes. Go google search some pics of long distance runners and you know right away why you don’t want to be a jogger.

Up the intensity and you’ll build a way better body, super simple (superfitbodybootcamp.com)

Heres another one, “is boot camp a good idea for me, I haven’t exercised in a while and I have some back pain”. More often that not, we experience pain from a lack of exercise. I know some of you are saying, but Cale, I worked my ass off last night in boot camp and my legs are killing lol. That’s a different kind of pain, an AWESOME pain.

SuperFit Body Boot Camp is not an army boot camp, it’s a supportive fun environment while being super effective. You work as hard as you can and that’s all we ask, no more, no less. If however we see you doggin it and not working to your potential, you will get an earful. The beauty is that all exercises have variations so if you’re not able to do something, the trainer will give you an alternative .. and the alligator wrestling at the end of class is always optional, you can participate only when you’re ready 😉

ACTION: Join superfit body boot camp now to get to your goals fast, finally find a fun effective way to get to your goals. If you’re on your own, get a couple training sessions with a personal trainer to learn propper form for all the best full body exercises and keep those as your staples. Also learn about interval training, google it and change up your intervals often as well as the types of exercise you do (running, rowing, stairs, even eliptical even though I can’t stand the eliptical .. not effective.)


Hmmmmm, what some of the other BEST questions I hear often … heres a good one I always hear from new boot campers, “how come I feel so good these days, I almost never get stressed and the things that used to bother me are pretty much a non issue” .. not really a question eh but this is always something I love to hear. If I don’t workout for 3 days, I notice my sense of well being diminishes and I get much more reactive to things that I don’t care about when I’m on my normal daily workout routine. It’s cool that we have that much control really, our bodies are machines that want to be used and treated well, when we do that bob marley is always playing in the background 😉

ACTION: Take control of your life and how much you enjoy it by exercising every day. If you do nothing right now, start off with a 30 minute walk every day and even from that you’ll feel a huge difference. If you already have a workout practice, evolve and find out how to make it more effective by learning the most effective types of exercise and learning how to stack them so you get maximum results like with a push/pull workout (google it.)

Rock on!!



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