I think DO IT!!


There’s one HUGE factor here you have to keep in mind when buying your protein, QUALITY.


There are alot of Shitty proteins out there that have an army of different protein ingredients in them listed on the back. The problem is they rarely tell you how much of each different protein source they use and what that usually means is the crappy protein sources constitute the marjority of the bin, and the quality sources only make up 10% of the product ..  if that!


There’s one store that I swear by because they have their own protein line and the one and only protein source in their protein powder is whey protein .. the store is Nutrition Centrale and it’s located on sources boulevard at 3343-N. The protein is OVATION.


More healthy protein in your diet = faster metablism = faster fat loss and faster muscle growth after workouts = KABOOM.



I absolutely do not promote a diet that is 50% protein powder but sometimes your busy and don’t find the time for a meal, in those cases and others having a quality protein shakes with a healthy fat source and berries (I put a greens powder and spinach for an extra surge of anti oxidant goodness) is the perfect tool.


It’s also great to have a protein shake with a fast absorbing protein before and/or after a workout depending on your goals.


In my life and with alot of my clients, getting 4 to 5 meals a day takes alot of discipline.  So make one of those meals a protein shake and 2 MAX on the very odd day if you have to. The key is  to have a SOLID protein shake, I never just mix up water and protein powder. I’m always getting the healthy goodness with almonds (blender), or coconut oil, sometimes olive oil, and with my berries (blueberries are the BEST) and a banana if I’m about to workout.


If you’re just mixing protein powder and water don’t bother.


To lose weight quickly especially when youre doing intense exercise like with boot camp, you have to be rebuidling your muscles as much as dropping the fat and that my friends is done in the kitchen. If you’re working your ass off in boot camp and then eating crapola outside of it, you’re not rebuilding your muscles and boosting your metabolism to the max so you won’t see the crazy fast results in the mirror.



Quick shout out to Greg and Elizabeth, Greg lost over 9 pounds in 8 days and Elizabeth lost 12 pounds in a month .. you guys are ROCKSTARS!!




Do yourself a favor, go buy a shaker cup with a metal sproule in the bottom (you can buy them at most supplement stores) and buy yourself a SOLID protein powder. Every morning blend up a delish protein shake, put it in your shaker cup and bring it to work, put it in the fridge. If you’re working your butt off and don’t have time for a full meal, chug down that protein shake and thank me later 😉


Now go do 50 burpees, 50 jump squats, 50 drunken lunges and 50 pushups 🙂










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