All the research about FAST fat loss points to the fact that long bouts of boaring same pace exercise is the LEAST effective way to get results.


Going for a 60 minute jog is NOT effective for fat loss. You will lose fat but you’ll also eat into your muscle stores giving you the dreaded pancake butt result.



Luckily, there is a better way!


Perform high intensity workouts for a shorter period of time, 10-20 minutes depending on your fitness level. As you progress you’ll be able to up the time and vary the workouts so that between your fat burning exercises, you can incorporate flexibility exercises and toning exercises if you have the time. If not, 10-20 minutes of solid fat burning is all good!!


Your high intensity workout will consist of short bouts of explosive cardio and resistance training exercises grouped together for maximum results 3-4 times per week.


What you’re going to achieve with this type of workout is the 24/7 fat burn where your body continues to burn fat hours and even days after you workout is done. Your body will primarily burn off it’s carbohydrate stores during the workout, and then afterwards look to your fat stores to recuperate. YES, you’re going to be burning fat even while not working out AND also while you sleep. Pretty awesome eh 🙂



It may sound to good to be true but it’s not. The reality is you don’t have to workout nearly as much as you think to get a BOOM body.


The toughest part for most comes after the workout, where you have to eat the right food, grouped together properly at the right times of day so that you’re feeding your body to recuperate from your workouts and to fuel you for the next.



At my boot camp, we perform 30 minute express workouts and provide you with all the nutritional tools making the fat loss and muscle gain process a BREEZE.


I’m going to be posting some solid workout vids to show you what I mean this week so stay tuned!


In the mean time ..


Rock on!!








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