I hope the answer is NO.

And guess what, you don’t have to!

First things first, don’t let the holiday be an excuse to eat whatever you want and not exercise. And even more importantly, don’t come up with the new years resolution back up plan of getting the body you want be your excuse for splurging like a fiend during the holiday.

Now I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself and far from it. I AM SAYING do it in moderation.

Did you know that the average woman gains 3-5 pounds over the holiday AND more importantly 98% OF NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS END IN …… FAILURE!!!


So don’t fool youself and do start taking action RIGHT NOW.

3-4 30 minute express workouts a week and some simple tweaks to your existing eating habits are enough to get you FAST results .. is 8-12 pounds in 16 days fast?


I can’t even imagine saying to myself, “YES, the holiday is coming so I’m going to stop working out and eating right and then when the new year comes I’m going to go all out.”



Don’t get me wrong, when the christmas feast is in my face I’m going to GO TO TOWN and eat till I’m pregnant. I’m probably going to eat a ton of chocolate that sure to be in my stocking christmas morning too.

I’m going to drink to many beers and glasses of wine and I’m gonna have a damn good time doing it!

AND at christmas parties I’m also going to eat like a sumo wrestler.


But the reality is THAT’S A VERY SMALL PERCENTAGE of the total number of meals I’ll be having from the 23-27th lets say and the rest of those meals are going to be SOLID.

Anyone who’s in the health groove is finding ways to be as healthy as possible outside of those cheat meals that we love. And those cheat meals taste that much better when you’re eating right the rest of the time.



And all it comes down to is getting in the groove. The longer you don’t take action and make excuses for not taking care of yourself the easier it becomes to fall into the unhealthy lazy mentality AND BECOME ANOTHER NEW YEARS RESOLUTION FAILURE.

1. Go workout today and make sure to workout at least 3-4 times per week (circuit training for 10-15 minutes is the BOMB)
2. Write a food log so you see what’s going into your body
3. Fill the fridge with lean protein sources, veggies, fruits and SUPERcarbs like beans, sweet potatoe and quinoa.





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