I get tons of emails and phone calls from people asking question after question .. and they’re pretty much the same questions every single time.

You have to stop overanalyzing, trying to find the perfect course of action and simply take IMPERFECT ACTION RIGHT NOW!

Perfection murders results, you have to fail ALOT to succeed ALOT.

I can usually tell right away when someone is going to get results because those are the people who GO FOR IT. It comes out in every word they speek.

If you’ve made a new years resolution to drop a bunch of weight and finally get the body you want but haven’t started taking action, you’ve got 2 options:

1. Continue overanalyzing, take no steps and .. Fail (IE: Stay inside your comfort zone)
2. Or TAKE ACTION and most likely succeed


Every single person who joins my program, comes 3+ times per week consistently and follows the nutritional guidelines that I lay out for them LOSES WEIGHT FAST. It’s that simple.

But hey, if boot camp doesn’t seem right for you no worries. Jump into a program that does (as long as it’s not zumba 😉 and if it doesn’t work , go try another until you find the program that works and you love!

Success is a mindset, whether with getting your dream body, making the all the money you want, having the friends you want, being your best self…

It all comes down to consistently taking action every day and not over analyzing every single little step and then .. end up taking 0 steps because you over thought it.

So do me a favor, TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW. Go outside your comfort zone and do something that scares you! Something that you’re afraid to do but deep down know, could very well change your life for the better.

You get 0 happiness by hanging out in your comfort zone.


Rock on!!!



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