Here are 4 food you’re probably not getting enough of:

Mushrooms (cooked)
Onions (cooked)
Sunflour seeds

The healthier you’re body is the healthier and happier you will feel, it’s really that simple.

You get SO MUCH bang for your buck in terms of antioxidants and micro nutrients in those little delicious blueberries. Start adding them in every single shake you make each day.


Mushrooms and onions, cooked, are an AMAZING addition to pretty much every meal and when you cook them, their healthy goodness is amplified 1000X. Start cooking them up with your lean protein source and greens to keep your body revving at full power.

Finally sunflour seeds .. ladies this one is especially for you! Sunflour seeds (with the shell) are a HUGE source of calcium. I know you’re not going to eat them whole unless your hardcore so mix them in with a daily shake and get rid of your calcium pill.

And there’s one more superfood for fat loss you have to start getting more of .. CHERRIES! They’re very low on the glycemic index so they won’t spike your blood sugar like alot of other fruits. Whats really cool about them is that they’re very hard to over eat because of the seed.

You have to chew them way more than other fruits to get the seed out. That chewing triggers your body to feel fuller faster.


Rock on!!



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