The big question I’m asked often is whehter or not it’s worth while to switch to organic food. Is there really a difference in quality and is that quality worth the price.


Pesticides: Even if you’re washing your foods you’re still eating a ton of pesticides which are extremely carcinogenic and terrible for your health.

Flavor: If you haven’t eaten organic go to the store RIGHT NOW and buy yourself some fruit and veggies. First you’ll notice they are generally shaped differently than you’re used to (gmos) and they taste COMPLETELY different .. better!

GMOs: If you’re not going organic you’re eating genetically modified foods 99% of the time. What’s being used to grow your food twice as fast and to twice the size is unhealthy and something you have to avoid at all cost.

General Health benefits: Countless studies have shown that organic foods contain higher concentrations of healthy substances such as antioxidants and Omega 3s that you’re body needs to function at it’s full potential.

The big question is, how do you know if you’re eating organic:

Go to health food stores (google search health food stores west island and organic and you’ll find places like TAO) and check the label of all your foods.


In order to carry this label foods must meet the USDA organic standard.

In the end, organic may cost you a little bit more but the healthy benefits far outweigh the price.

On top of that you are promoting something so much more important- you’re supporting the growth of animals in a humane way. Yes they will eventually be killed and eaten by you but they grow up normally, not shoved into small spaces where they can’t take a single step.

Eat Organic? YES, JUST DO IT!


Rock on!!


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