Those words should never, EVER come out of your mouth.

You don’t need an hour or even half an hour to get a solid workout in.

You can get er’ DONE in 15 minutes or less all you need is 2-4 full body exercises, a cup of coffee before to give you a boost and you’re set.

Full body extensions
Windshield wiper
Body weight step ups

Pick 3 or use all 6, cicuit your exercises while hitting 5 reps of each for 10-15 minutes only taking rest as needed and you’ll be drenched in sweat.

I like to do a quick circuit before most meals to get my metabolism revving.

Find the time to hit at least 1 circuit a day and you’ll keep your metabolism boosted all day so you’re digesting your food quickly. Another bonus is that the more you exercise the more carbs you can eat but don’t take this to the bank by going for a 3 minute walk and then fiest on a huge bowl of pasta. This applies when you get a solid sweat on, eat some carbs after with a lean protein source.

Choose from the SUPERCarbs:
Beens (lentils are solid but they’re all pretty darn good, lots of fiber and pretty much equal source of protein and carbs)
Sweet potatoe
Oat meal
QUINOA (The BOMB, also high in protein)


Here are 3 quick tips for keeping your system clean.

1. Before you eat breakfast, chug down 1Litre of water with lemon squeezed in it.
-This helps rid the buildup of toxins in your system and also rehydrates you from the overnight water loss

2. Drink your greens every single day
-Start blending up green shakes with spinach and LOTS OF IT. Unless you’re going to graze all day this is the easiest way to get a huge dose of antioxidant packed greens quickly.
-I highly recommend you go buy a greens powder, I use pharma-greens. This is a SUPER concentrated dose of greens, about 8 servings depending on the brand.

3. Cut out your grains and replace them with the BEST carbs I mentioned earlier, they digest more efficiently and are much less likely to turn into fat.


Rock on!!



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