Way to go guys, you KILLED IT!!



I want to talk a little bit about grains and a couple other useful tidbits:

STOP EATING THEM! There are so many better substitutes that are easier for your body to digest and leave you feeling way better. (faster digestion and absorption = faster fat loss and muscle gain.)

Beans (red beans, black beans, chick peas, lentils, kidney beans etc..)
Sweet potatoe
Oat meal

I feel like a broken record but the difference between these carbs and grains is ENORMOUS.

I correct alot of food logs each week and I think the one think that makes me cringe the most is seeing a great food log where 80% of the time you’re eating the right foods in the right combinations. Then to RUIN all that hard work there are a couple glasses of juice or coke each day. Man o man, so much awesome work ruined by a couple drinks.

There is so much sugar in juice, and soft drinks are even worse. CUT THEM OUT! And drink a green tea instead.


Finally, if you workout at night and are having and energy problem; not finding you have enough for the workout .. drink a coffee before. It give you a great boost of energy AND raises your cortisol levels which is good for you right before a workout. Don’t add cream or sugar!

Finally, know your goal!!
This is SO important. Knowing your goal and having it written down is whats going to keep you on track and will guarantee you won’t fall off the wagon. The more precise and vivid the goal is in your mind, the more emotion you have associated to the achievement of your goal, the faster you will get there.

Get ready for THE GAUNTLET workout tonight!!


  1. Debra Barry says:

    I love your tips!

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