Hard work pays off!

Getting results that LAST takes hard work AND consistency.

I’ve heard and believe that it takes about 21 days to create a hibit, you have to stick with something for 21 days and then it becomes a part of your life and easy to follow.

The exercise is easy, boot camps are incredibly tough but also a ton of fun! I believe it’s tougher to eat consistently 80% of every week but once you stick with it for that 3 week period it becomes a breeze.


Ally is doing it and she looks AMAZING. She’s down 13 pounds and a couple sizes.

Ally feb 23

Everyone has bad days and takes it out on their body by eating crapola but WHAT COUNTS is that the next day or meal you get back on track and remember why your doing it all. Be clear on your goal and why you want to achieve it or else you WILL fall off the wagon and take the easy less fulfilling road.

Shirley is husting, she’s lost a ton of weight FAST and will continue to, as long as she’s consistent with her eating and 3-4 workouts a week.

Shiley C Feb 23

SUCCESS is a mindset so you have to be VERY clear on what your goals are and WHY you want to achieve them so that you’re passionate about what you’re doing and feel the drive to do whatever it takes to reach your destination.

Rock on!!



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