Focusing only on your calorie intake is a HUGE mistake. There is so much more to the story than that.

Are you eating 1000 calories of crapola like those small 100 calorie oreo snacks or are you having some cottage cheese with berries and spoon full of almond butter?

Quantity (ie: calories) is important but quality is WAY MORE IMPORTANT especially when you’re exercising.

Consuming 1000 calories a day may kick start some fat loss for you but the reality is, eating less than your body needs will eventually slow your metabolism and your results.


Whats the answer?

The key is to consume the right combinations of foods, at the right time of day as coordinates with your workout schedule.

On workouts days you’re going to be able to eat more carbs than on non workoout days. On non workout days you’re going to be eating less carbs and more protein and fat.

The goal is to feed your body the right foods so that it recuperates and rebuilds efficiently after the workout because your workouts basically “hurt” your body, and the foods you eat after help your body rebuild, become stronger and more efficient (and impressive 😉

Another type of diet to stay away from is the “0 carb diet”.

Going for a period of time without carbs is very efficient for fat loss but can also hurt your body if you do it for too long. It’s bad for your liver, depletes muscle stores and will lower your energy.

Cut carbs only as a tool for short periods of time to drop fat fast, then go back to eating Protein/Carb meals at the right time of day as coordinates with your workout days.

I know it sounds kind of complicated but it’s not, there’s a bit of a learning curve but once you learn your bodies signs and symptoms you’ll know exactly what you need and when, to maintain or lose weight at will.


Rock on!!



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