Sandras a SUPERSTAR, there’s no way around it. She works so hard every single boot camp and also works just as hard on her nutrition.

The result:

She’s getting to her fitness goal at lightening speed.

She doesn’t work out 5 times a week nor does she starve herself.

She works out 3-4 times and week and focusses on eating quality fuel foods outside of boot camp so shes dropping fat and building muslce FAST.

Pretty simple eh .. I find we tend to overcomplicate things, fitness and fat loss being a good example.

Check out this video, I literally drop the camera thinking Sandra was going to hurl and then low and behold, 2 seconds later she’s back at work .. You ROCK Sandra!!

On a side note, you don’t have to push yourself to this point, just DO YOUR BEST! I tend to do it which is probably why I love this video and how fast she recuperates.





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