I’ve found the easiest way to drop the pounds fast is to break my clients meals into protein/fat and protein/carbs and coordinate them differently for workout days and non workout days.

The rough part about having protein/fat/carbs at a meal is that it’s the most likely combination to turn into fat, even if you’re working out ALOT.

I hear it all the time from frustrated people banging their heads against the wall going to a gym, doing noneffective workouts and are lost nutritionally, “I’m working out 3-5 days a week but I’M NOT SEEING ANY RESULTS.”

The frustration and dissapointment takes over and eventually you give up which is the worst thing you can do. GET UP and try something new!

One of my favorite quotes is Success is 99% failure and that translates into fitness and every other part of life.

Here is an example of a days worth of PROTEIN/FAT meals:
Breakfast: cottage cheese/blueberries/spoon full almond butter
Snack: Almonds and apple
Lunch: Salmond salad/spinach/broccoli/green beans
Snack: protein shake – water/protein powder/whole sunflour seeds with shell blended/blueberries
Dinner: Sirloin steak/broccoli/asparagus

Carbs are VERY important and you should never cut them out completely however for fast fat loss every once in awhile, it’s useful to cut those Carbs for a period of time for FAST results.

Start doing something today, stop focussing on the number of calories you’re consuming per day and start focusing on the quality of foods that you plop into your mouth.

Start replacing the grains with the huge variety of beans out there and get rid of the packaged foods ALL TOGETHER.

Rock on!!



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