First off, you guys have been ROCKING our weekly boot camp workout challenges and beating the crap out of your old times, WAY TO GO! Keep focussing on beating your time every week and working on your nutrition with me and the results will keep coming FAST.

Here’s a little challenge for you today:
Do 3 sets or more of a 5 minute wall squat throughout the span of the day.
If that’s too easy, do 3 sets of a 2 minute hand stand OR kickups (using the wall) as a superset with the wall squat.


If you do an internet search you’ll find tons of opinions that chicken is soooo much leaner than beef, that’s baloney.

It depends on the cut and there are plenty of cuts of beef that are super lean. We know that fat is great for fat loss and staying lean so don’t cut the fat out of your diet. Your body needs healthy fat!

Chicken legs and thighs are not lean at all and if you’re eating the skin, the fat content is through the roof!

Now saturated fat is something you want to avoid in high quantities but lower levels have been shown to be beneficial. That being said go for organic grass fed beef which has stearic acid in it, a saturate that has been shown to decrease plasma and liver cholesterol.

YES, the right type and cut of beef has saturated fat that actually LOWERS cholesterol.

Take this to the bank, when dealing with fattier types of meat, get the lean cuts and always buy organic. It’s so much higher quality, you have no idea what’s going on with the mass produced meats you buy at the grocery store. Buy organic to avoid promoting that type of mass, unhealthy production of livestock.


Rock on!!



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