And the answer is …… NO!

Thats a popular question I’m asked by female clients. Anyone who’s doing boot camp and is also doing a weight training routine to complement boot camp sessions get the best results the FASTEST.

As a woman, you have much lower levels of testosterone compared to men so even if you did lift heavy weights, you won’t gain a ton of thick, bulky muscle. Put that notion out of your head.

What you will build is more lean muscle mass that drops your body fat percentage and makes your body look that much more BOOM! The nutrition you use outside of the gym is ABSOLUTELY KEY to dropping your body fat percentage and building that lean muscle from boot camp and lifting weights.



If you don’t have a weight training routine going right now talk to me and I’ll set you up with one of my SUPERTrainers to give you a FAST push pull routine you can do with the weights at the gym or at home on your off days.


Rock on!!


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