This is a SUPER important topic and it will make or break your results so give me 2 seconds and read ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM please 🙂

Whether you want to gain 20 pounds of muscle, lose 10/20/30/40 pounds, you succeeding all comes down to your goals.


If you tell youself “I just want to feel good, healthy and be happy with the way I look”, or something similar to that you’re way off the mark. Those are good goals but they’re WAY too general!

You have to know exactly how much weight you want to lose or gain(as long as you’re gaining muscle) and then set up a long term goal and weekly goals. You can also do this with a fitness test for example the number of squats or pushups or burpees you can do in a minute or 10 minutes – whatever you want. It’s all about tracking results and making sure week by week your results are improving.

If you want to lose 30 pounds and you’re only telling yourself you want to feel good, and are not actively looking at the scale then you’re doomed for failure OR it will take you years to lose those 30 pounds.

For example:
If I want to gain 10 pounds of muscle, I’ll give myself a time limit for example 2 months. In order to hit my goal I know I have to gain 1.25 pounds of muscle each week. NOW I have a trackable goal so I know if at the end of the week I only gain 1 pound, then the next week I have to gain 1.5 pounds of muscle to be on track to hit my goal.


If you leave your goal up in lala land and aren’t ACTIVELY tracking your results then you’re going to waste ALOT of time.

Apply this to every thing in your life, weight loss, muscle gain, beating a running time, increasing the reps of squats/pushups/burpees/jump lunges that you can do in 60 seconds or whatever you choose, financial goals etc.

GO RIGHT NOW, grab a piece of paper
1. Write down your goal for example the total # of pounds you want to lose
2. Give yourself a time limit to achieve that goal (GO BIG, don’t go small ie: push outside of your comfort zone.)
3. Divide the weight you want to lose by the total number of weeks you have within your goal time frame
and BOOM!
You have the number you have to lose each week.

Now this is the most important part, TAKE ACTION EVERY SINGLE DAY TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL and you’ll get there!!


Rock on!!



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