You have to start making friends with Leptin, except Leptins not a person, it’s a hormone in your body that has VETO on whether or not your dropping body fat or not.

Your Leptin levels have to be at high levels in your body in order for you to maintain FAST fat loss results without hitting your muscle stores and hitting a plateau. You want to be consistently losing fat without muscle week in and week out and you want to avoid the annoying “plateau”.

So what does this have to do with cheating and munching on your favorite foods like icecream and pizza you ask?

Weeelll, when you start a diet your body’s Leptin levels are usually high but after a time, sometimes as little as a week your Leptin levels drop drastically and so does your fat loss.


And that’s where cheating comes in!!

Carb-Loading is the best way to keep Leptin up. That’s why I always say cheat for 20% of your meals each week and be AWESOME the rest of the week.

For the 20% cheat, it’s best to group those meals over a 1 or 2 day period so if you’re eating 4 meals a day thats 28 meals a week. 20% of that is 5.6 meals that you can cheat with .. HOORAAHHHH!!!

Another way to keep your leptin levels up is to strategically increase the amount of carbs you’re eating each day after your carb load. It’s a little more difficult and you can’t carb load 20% when doing this but it’s VERY effective when done right.

An example of this is to have carbs for breakfast on day 1 after cheat day, then breakfast and lunch on day 2, and then no carbs on day 3. There are lots of different variations for that and they play tightly with how many days and which days of the week you’re working out.

So here’s what you have to take away from this:
Don’t let your Leptin levels drop, do that by dieting for a period and then cheating like crazy 1 day a week or for half days 2 days a week. Something to look forward to eh 🙂


Rock on!!


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