Long bouts of same pace CARDIO!

If you’re doing cardio at the same pace for long periods of time .. you’re going to get NO WHERE FAST!!

You want results and you want them fast without having to take pills or go on a diet and gain the weight back as soon as the diets done.



The big problem with jumping on a cardio machine for a long period of time at the same pace (don’t even get me started on elipticals by the way) is that you not only inefectivley hit your fat stores, you’ll also hit your muscle stores to create the DREADED .. pancake butt!! (or runners butt, sprinters butt on the other hand is a work of art.)

You want to build muscle while burning fat. The treadmill can be effective for this by using intervals and manipulating the incline but still the best way to shed pounds is with a mixture of full body exercises, weights and short bouts of high intensity cardio.


Do a 40/20 circuit – 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest. Do this for 10 minutes and you’ll burn more fat than 60 minutes on the treadmill at the same pace:


1. Burpees

2. Sprint

3. Full body extensions

4. Sprint

5. Get ups

6. Sprint

7. Dead bug

8. sprint

Rock on!!



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