It happens to everyone, you’re stoked for your cheat day. You’ve been working so hard to eat right day in and day out and finally you’ve got a day to eat whatever you want and go a little CRAZY.

It’s healthy and it resets your body for faster weight loss afterwards (ie: you’re carb loading.) BUT you can’t let that feasting carry on into the next day.

Here are some easy tricks to remind you how to get back on track and prevent the 1 day cheat from snowballing into a 4 day CHEATATHON.


1. Start the next morning by guzzling 1 Litre of cold water as soon as you wake up. Water is a great tool to test whether or not you’re actually hungry, if you drink a couple glasses of water and feel full you were likely just confusing thirst for hunger.

2. Cut your carbs out completely that day. You’ve carb loaded on your cheat day and now your Leptin levels are up and you’re body is primed for fat loss. Cut the carbs and drop the body fat!


3. Eat lots of green fibrous Veggies. This along with water is the BEST way to subside cravings, fill your stomach up with these super foods and the cravings will dissapear.

4. Make sure to get your but to boot camp after cheat day and if that’s not a possibility, do either a body weight circuit on your own or go run some intervals outside now that the weather is AWESOME. You’re body is supercharged from all the carbs so make sure to burn them off the next day.





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