1. Challenge yourself:

If you’re going to the gym and doing basically the same workout every time you need a change! If you aren’t sweating while working out you need a change.

Challenge yourself and push outside your comfort zone to get the BEST results .. Go grab that heavy set of weight rather than the ones you alway grab AND don’t wait for me to tell you to up the wieght, do it on your own.


2. Eat lots of protein:


If you’re not eating enough protein you’re not getting enough of the building blocks which allow your body to rebuild after your intense workouts. Get protein at every single meal and focus on high quality protien sources.  Protein is also cool because it’s harder for your body to digest so you burn more calories on a high protein diet.

3. Workout 3 or more times/week:


You’ve got to put stress on your body to improve it. Make sure you’re pushing your body outside it’s comfort zone with weight training and high intensity cardio circuits to get the results you want.

4. Eat more veggies:


The greener the better AND the most fibrous veggies like broccoli are great for fat loss. Whenever you’re feeling a craving coming on, fill your stomach with water and fibrous veggies and it’ll dissapear right away.  They also have the same effect as protein – you use more calories digesting them than regular veggies.

5. Get enough sleep:

Sleep is HUGE for your results. When you’re tired you don’t work nearly as hard in your workouts, you’re weaker in general when you tired. Weaker in your workouts and weaker with your resolve to eat properly and not cheat. Get your 6-8 hours every single night.

6. Be patient and Consistent:

Building your BOOM body will take time and once you’ve achieved the goal you have for yourself in your mind today, that goal will change by the time you achieve it. So Have fun with it, do what you love and love what you do because once you achieve your goal, if you hate what you had to do to get their you will likely fall right back because you can’t continue something you hate.

Basically what I’m trying to say is enjoy the journey  because the actual destination is not fulfilling when you don’t enjoy the journey to get there.





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