There are a handful of key factors that get you results and the body you want.

If you’re missing too many of these factors you won’t get results .. PERIOD.

Know what they are and make sure you take care of them!

#1 You can’t out exercise a BAD DIET:

It doesn’t matter how many times you workout each week, if you’re eating CRAPOLA most of the time you won’t see your results. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT




If you’re not staying consistent, you can’t hope to achieve your fitness goals. Your body is always changing, first you have to get your body to the body fat percentage you want and also to have the shape you want by building muscles in all the right places. If your not hitting a weekly fat loss goal you won’t see the awesome muscles you’re building through your workouts. If you hit your weight loss goal then take it easy and slide back into old habits you’ll see what you’ve achieved quickly slip away. There’s nothing worse than that!

Don’t yoyo with your diet and your weekly workout regime. Make a weekly workout schedule and follow it!! get a solid meal plan and follow it!!


#2 Not having goals:

If you don’t have a scale and you want to lose 20 pounds how are you going to know whether your on track week in and week out.

Yes, feeling a difference in your clothes feels great BUT not wieghing yourself each week when your goal is to be losing weight weekly is a recipe for DISASTER.

Make a weight loss goal for each week and then TAKE MASSIVE ACTION DAILY and do whatever it takes to get there. Get a coach who will tell you what to do to hit your goals. Informing yourself through google searches can work, but it will take WAY MORE TIME than learning what works from an experienced professional.

#3 Not writing a daily food log:

Right off the bat it may seem like a pain in the butt but it’s not. Get one of the many apps out there on your phone and you’ll quickly realize how easy it is.

When you’re not logging in what you’re eating each day you’re leaving WAY TOO MUCH room for error. It’s easy to forget a missed meal hear and there or even worse, a terrible meal hear and there when you’re not writing it down.

I love asking new clients how there eating habits are. Most people say “pretty darn good”, then I ask what they ate at each meal today. More often than not I’m told “well this was a bad day”. So I ask about the meals from the day before and most of the time … the day before was just as bad!

I think it’s called cognitive dissonance where you only remember the best meals you have because it justifies the belief that you are actually putting effort into hitting your goals even if you’re only remembering the chicken salad you chose 3 days back as one of your days meals. Don’t make that mistake!


#4 The 5 people you spend the most time with:

If you’re surrounded by people who don’t take care of their health or only half take care of it then you are likely to be doing the same.

The people around you play a HUGE roal in who you are so make a conscious effort to befriend more healthy people who are taking daily action to achieve their fitness goals through exercise and nutrition.





Next time you go to the grocery store load up on lean protein sources, fruits, veggies, the healthiest carbs and go to town for a few hours saturday or sunday prepairing your meals for the week.

Schedule 3-4 specific times that you will take 45 minutes to exercise next week and put it on a calendar. Check off each time you exercise.

Make a goal you want to achieve by the end of next week, dream big and do everything you can to reach that goal, NO EXCUSES. Along with that weekly goal make a 3/6/12 month goal as well.



Rock on!!


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