uhhhhhh .. ABSOLUTELY!!

It doesn’t matter how much stress you have in your life, after you workout you feel like nothing can phase you.

On the flip side, when you’re not consistently getting a solid, fun sweat each day, the smallest problems can seem like HUGE insurmountable WALLS.




The solution .. Go workout!


Here’s an easy workout you can do one your own to feel like a million bucks:

1. Jog 1 minute

2. Military pushups 30 seconds

3. Jog 1 minute

4. Jump lunges 30 seconds

5. Run at 80% 1 minute

6. Military pushups 30 seconds

7. Run at 80% 1 minute

8. Jump lunges 30 seconds


Do the circuit 3-4 times + sweat like a BEAST = Feel AMAZING for hours after and sleep like a baby tonight.






Rock on!!







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