Look at this picture carefully and see if your goals may need to change:


I’m sure you may be saying, how the heck is that possible!?

Shes thinner and 14 pounds heavier in the 3rd picture!!

Look at the size of the 5 pounds of fat and then look at the size of the five pounds of muscle. The goal is to drop the body fat, not just have the number dropping on the scale.


Diet is everything here:

You have to be eating enough protein at each meal to keep your motabolism revving and your muscles building. Carbs are also important but you don’t need nearly as much as you think you do. You mostly need them to provide you with fuel for workouts and to regenerate immediately after difficult workouts.

Doing a weight training program along with boot camp will get you the results like the picture above 100X faster when combined. One without the other is not nearly as effective. BUT if you’re not eating properly, all your hard work in boot camp and weight training won’t show – so take ACTION with all three and get your goal NOW!


Rock on!!





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