My “3 Week Body Fat Burn Boot Camp” is set to start Monday June 17th

It’s pretty amazing really…

You just workout with me 3-5 days a week and follow some
very LOOSE but EFFECTIVE eating guidelines for 3 weeks.

You can expect to lose 10 – 15 LBS (or more)
and up to 3 pants sizes.


So Far 11 out of the 18 spots have been filled.

So to get “in”, Just reach out to me at 514-928-0585
and I’ll reserve a spot for you.

It’s starting next Monday.

AND you split the price if you sign up with a friend!

Can you imagine how amazing it’s going to FEEL
to look in the mirror at your lean and sexy new
body three weeks from now just in time for summer?


Look, if you’ve set a goal to get in shape in 2013
and it hasn’t worked out yet then I say SO WHAT!

What you do NOW is what matters – Wouldn’t
you agree?

Like I said, the 3 Week Body Fat Burn starts next
Monday June 17th at my West Island Location.

So just call 514-928-0585 and I’ll get you all dialed in.



Rock on!!



BTW – Just to get you off your bum and give you
no excuses, I’m guaranteeing this thing works or
your money back.

So not to sound cliché, but you have nothing to

But you can’t get results if you don’t take one little step
and reserve your spot by calling me at 514-928-0585.



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