I love that and it can be applied to so many different things.

When it comes to working out, you don’t need all the fancy doodads and machines to get solid results FAST. You DO have to be doing the right types of exercises in sequence to maximize your results though.


One of my awesome clients is going on vacation this week and has been FREAKING OUT because she’s afraid she’s going to gain weight. The real fear is that shes going to fall back into old patterns but once you’ve developped a habit which takes about 21 days of consistency, it’s very tough to break.

The cool thing is, while on vacation you can have the goal of losing more weight if you’re really ambitious. Having fun on vacation doesn’t have to mean eating whatever you want and drinking way too much. Both will likely make you feel lathargic and will take away from your trip.

An easier goal is to not gain any weight and stay the same as when you left. That ones easy and all you have to do is a simple circuit every 2 days, don’t eat like a pig, remember your power foods and make those choices at each meal .. BOOM BOOM POW you won’t gain any weight.


Here’s the simple circuit I gave her to do on the beach:

1. Jog 60sec
2. Plank 60sec
3. Jog 60sec
4. Pushups 60sec
5. Run 80% 60sec
6. Jump Squats 60sec
7. Run 80% 60sec
8. Jump lunges 60sec
9. Full burpess 30sec

Complete the entire circuit 2-3x or more every 2 days and you’re golden!

So even if you’re not on vacation and simply have to miss a boot camp session, do this circuit and feel the burn! 🙂







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