Most of you know that “dieting” is basically starving your body in a sense.

You’re restricting the amount of food your body is used to in order to drop fat

BUT you want to keep your muscle and build more in the process so you have to restrict properly

with the right types of food and in the right combinations.


One of the easiest ways to drop the fat is to restrict the amount of carbs you’re eating,

having them only at key times of the day depending on when you workout.




The rest of your meals MUST have a lean protein source and a fat source as well

as a fruit or vegetable.




Now over time, you’re body becomes frightened when it believes it’s not getting enough food

and sets mechanisms in your body in motion which convert almost everything you eat into fat.


It’s called starvation mode and when you’re trying to lose weight, it’s the worst thing taht can happen

and will sabotage your results.




Luckily the solution is easy – carb load for a day and sometimes 2 to reset your body, which brings your leptin levels

up and in turn tells your body that starvation is unlikely and IT’S TIME TO BURN MORE FAT.


Strategic fasting is a cool tool than when used properly, gives you a big fat loss BOOST.


A good time to use it is the day after your big cheat. You strategically fast for half or even a full day – drink tons of water and eat ONLY lean protein and green veggies at each meal 4 hours apart.


That’s one way to do it, another is to ONLY drink tons of water and green veggies at each meal.


Give it a shot and let me know if you have any questions ..




Rock on!!






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