Thanks giving is the BEST!


(My 6 week Flat Belly Formula Boot Camp is starting next week – to reserve a spot call 514-928-0585 ASAP)


So much delicious food, hanging out with family, drinking spirits = Weight Gain 😦


Luckily you can have an amazing weekend, eat well, drink some booze and not ruin your results.


Here’s how:

Control your portions – Don’t eat till you feel pregnant, control your portions unless of course you were VERY smart and saved your cheat day for sunday. In that case eat all you want!!

Water – Drink a big glass of water before each meal, I’m talking BIG

Veggies – load your plate up with veggies rather than large portions of stuffing and mashed potatoes




Dark meat – The dark meat has the most nutrients, it also has more fat than the light meat but that’s ok unless your loading up on carbs .. don’t load your plate up with carbs!!

80/20 – Outside of holiday meals eat what you know is right, high protein/high fat and low carb depending on when your workout out and what time of day you’re eating.

Don’t be a slug – Workout saturday, sunday and monday. You don’t have to do a HUGE workout each time (unless you want to 🙂 but you do have to do a 20-30 minute session all 3 days. 

On saturday and monday do this workout:

1. Prisoner Squat 30 seconds

2. high knees in place 30 seconds

3. Pushups 30 seconds

4. Rockclimber 30 seconds

5. Windshield wipers 30 seconds

6. V-Ups 30 seconds

7. Jumping jacks or power jacks 60 seconds

8. Rest 1.5 minutes

Repeat that circuit for 20-30 minutes or more, only take rest as needed.


On Sunday go for an interval Run:

Warmup – Walk 3 minutes

1. Sprint 30 seconds

2. Walk 1 minute

Do that circuit again for 20-30 minutes or more.




You’re going to be burning a TON of fat over the weekend by keeping your metabolism up with these workouts.


Have a happy Holiday!!








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