Focus on a weekly goal then do everything you have to do to reach that goal – or monthly goal for something like increasing your pushup max.


When it comes to diet – what you’re eating at each meal doesn’t have to be super complicated.


Get your fat source, protein source and fruit or vegetable and you’ve got a meal.


This is key when you have a busy day. The is always time to cram some lettuce and tuna in a tupperware with a little apple cider vinegar and olive oil on the side.



Spend 2 hours on the weekend preparing all of your favorite meals for the week.

That way all you have to do is open the fridge for breakfast with a max preparation time of a few minutes to heat it up depending on the meal.


Even if you don’t have meals prepped

Easy breakfast – Protein powder, water, handful berries and coconut oil.

Easy Snack – Some nuts and an apple

Easy lunch – Salmon Salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar

Easy Dinner – Lean beef with broccoli and asparagus


Super easy, Super Simple and perfect for dropping body fat.







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