Just because there’s no boot camp on the weekend doesn’t mean you shouldn’t workout.


Walking is a great form of exercise that complements everything you do in boot camp and keeps your body pain free.


What I want you to do is:

Saturday – do the circuit bellow

Sunday – Walk for 30-45 minutes (this is best if you get off the road and find a path like the one in Ile Bizard or DDO.


Circuit: For this circuit you need to find a hill – go to your local parks and there will be one there.

Warmup – Walk 3 minutes

1. Sprint the hill (If it’s a small hill do a couple sprints up)

2. Rockclimber 30 seconds

3. Sprint the hill

4. Pushups 30 seconds

5. Sprint the hill

6. Burpee with pushup and jump 30 seconds

7. Rest 1 minute

Do this circuit for 15-20 minutes




Nutrition Tip of the day:

What I notice with 90% of clients who don’t lose weight is – Not eating enough protein at each meal & not drinking enough water throughout the day.


Taking care of these 2 factors is often all you have to do to kickstart your weekly fat loss.







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