I hear this alot, some people are completely against the idea of protein powder.

I don’t know why!


Protein powder is the BEST.


Have you ever been in a rush in the morning and didn’t have time to make a nice omelet with veggies and oatmeal on the side? – you ended up eating nothing but a coffee.


That’s the worst!


That problem could have been easily solved with a quick protein shake – Water/Protein Powder/Berries/Coconut oil = BOOM meal replacement with a total of 3 minutes preparation time!




Protein powder is also an incredibly easy to digest form of protein so it’s a double whammy. Having a protein shake right after your workout is the best way to provide your muscles with a quick surge of protein to help them recover.

You’ll also want to have some carbs after your workout to increase the speed of recovery.


These are just a couple reasons why protein powder is a perfect complement to your healthy lifestyle so don’t fight it – go buy a high quality protein powder tomorrow and enjoy the benefits immediately.


The quality of your protein powder is KEY. You want to find a protein that does not have a ton of carbs in it unless you’re only going to use it for recovery after your work0uts.


Look for a whey protein from organic cows.










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  2. […] Should I use Protein Powder? (SuperFit Body Boot Camp West Island) (calefitness.wordpress.com) […]

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