Eat More!

Yes I said it 🙂

You can’t diet yourself thin forever.

When you do a flush plan it’s only meant to be done for a short period of time. The flush is meant to do exactly that, flush fat from your system quickly.


You don’t want to do a flush plan for a long period of time or too often because the goal is to increase muscle mass as much as decrease body fat.

AND you increase muscle mass by working out and feeding your body the right amount of food so that your muscles can rebuild.

Every first timer on a muscle buidling plan (ie: not a flush plan) is usually suprised at how much they’re eating and may feel bloated.

This is temporary, soon you’ll notice youre hungry more and more often and that’s what you want!

You keep your metabolism revving high when you eat often – and eat solid fuel foods.

Remember this:
Dieting (ie: flush plan) is like too much cardio – if you do it for too long, you lose muscle mass, NOT fat.


In fact, your body will start to store most of your food as fat on your body because it thinks your starving. That’s your bodies natural defense mechanism.

Circuit on and off flush plans – and the rest of the time eat LOTS of the right foods and eat them OFTEN.





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