The only thing that can sabotage you results are excuses.


Choose ACTION over WORRY.


The key to getting results and getting closer and closer and eventually achieving your goal is CONSISTENCY.


“I’m older now, my metabolism has slowed down.”

“I have a thyroid condition”

“My knee hurts”

Etc, Etc … Etc


I’ve heard every excuse in the book!


I’m not saying there is not some validity to these excuses, having a thyroid condition can make it more difficult for you to lose weight. Getting older does slow down you motabolism potentially making it harder for you to lose weight than your 20 year old self.


Time and time again I have clients with pains, but those pains eventually go away as you learn to use your body properly and lose excess weight.


Time and time again, I have clients in their 40’s and 50’s who lose weight faster than the youngsters – and time and time again I have clients with thyroid conditions who still manage to lose weight week after week.


How is this possible??




There is a magic pill for losing weight and getting fit …


The magic pill is CONSISTENCY, week in and week out making sure you get your 3+ workouts in. Week in and week out planning your meals out for the week, having a fridge full of superfoods and even taking a few hours on the weekend to make those meals in advance for the rest of the week.


Pains come and go, that’s part of being alive – the only thing that matters is that you stay on track week in and week out, constantly moving towards your goal.


Everything falls into place when you do.


There will be weeks when everything you do feels perfect and you get results FAST, and there will be weeks when nothing makes sense and you feel like you’re stuck in a rut.


The difference between winners and loser is the winner never give up and even if they have a bad week or month, they get back up and keep pushing forward towards their goal.


The loser gives up when things get tough and never gets back on track.


Get to your goals by showing up, week in and week out!









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