The food log is one of your most POWERFUL tools.

Being accountable will often make the difference between you getting to your goal or missing it.




There are different ways to stay accountable:

– Writing a daily food log is one of the most powerfull (writing what you eat and what time of day you eat it & what you drink and what time of day you drink it.

Giving me your food log once a week keeps you accountable to me, and your accountable to yourself most importantly.

It’s easy to convince yourself that missing one meal or having one bad meal isn’t a big deal and it’s not. But that one bad meal often turns into several bad meals over the week and that is a big deal .. BOOM results sabotage.

Writing a food log keeps you motivated to do the right thing throughout each day in order to hit your goal.

If you’re not already writing a daily food log – START NOW!


– Telling someone you care about what your goal is and asking them to hold you to that goal is another powerful tool.

When you’re only answering to yourself it’s easier to let a week or two slip by, when someone is reminding you it makes all the difference.


-Making sure I know your goal and texting me each friday to tell me if you achieved it or not – I won’t let you forget what your goal is. And if you need help I will know πŸ™‚


– Get a calendar and each friday for the next month or more, write down how much you want to lose per week. Each friday write what you achieved whether or not you hit that weekly goal. This is one of my favorites.




Get busy with your food log and your results WILL follow.








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