1- It has been proven that the most effective type of exercise for fat loss is HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. An HIIT workout will take far less time than same paced cardio and can burn as much as 9x more calories. That’s exactly what we do in boot camp!


2- If you’re working out enough each week, 3-4 high intensity sessions, then you will benefit from 1 or 2 high calorie days each week. The body is a machine and will adapt to you doing the same thing consistently each day Ie: your diet and the type of exercise you do. That’s why it’s important to always change it up in order to shock your body.

Use a high calorie day to shock your body back into fat loss and avoid the plateau (which is your bodies adaptation mechanism.)




3- Make sure you’re getting most if not all your calories from food and not from liquid. You want all the calories you eat to come from whole, nutrient dense foods. There is nothing worse than sabotaging your fat loss by drinking too much juice. You work hard to get results so make sure not to make that simple mistake.


4- Rest! – Eat, Train, Sleep is your modo for fat loss. Fat loss is easy but you have to get the most from each of these 3 factors. Sleep is the easiest exclude but it’s essential. When you sleep your body recovers from your workouts, sleep is just as important as what you’re eating and your workouts.


5- Weight training! The best combination is HIIT and weight training. When you weight train effectively (the less machines the better), your muscles keep working and burning calories for HOURS after your workout is complete. It’s also an effective way to reduce abdominal fat so get in the weight room! Get an affective weight training program and do it 2-3 times per week.














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