I just got off the phone with someone who needed some serious help!

She was very frustrated to say the least. She works out almost every day, treadmill and elyptical and was barely averaging a pound lost each week.

She was also following a diet program that had her counting her calories.



I already knew what was wrong with the type of exercise she was doing, and when I asked her what she had already ate today, everything fell into place.

First off, she was doing same paced cardio workouts for 30-45 minutes per day. That doesn’t work! The whole point of working out for fat loss is to do just that, burn FAT. The problem with same paced cardio is, you will burn calories, but you’re burning fat and muscle in the process. You want to be burning only fat during your workouts.

You can still lose weight on an elyptical and treadmill by performing circuits. Getting your heart rate UP, then down over and over. Circuit training causes you to burn 10x more fat than same paced cardio in a shorter period of time. Adding body weight and weight training exercises into your circuit will help you burn even MORE fat at a faster pace.


Now the exercise wasn’t even her biggest problem. The bigger problem was what she was feeding herself. Calorie counting is useful but it’s more important to be focusing on the quality of your foods to maximize muscle gain from your workouts and decrease body fat percentage.

To remain in her calorie range for the day, she had eaten about 80% carbs and 20% protein. The problem here is that during her workouts, she was burning her primary energy source ONLY. That primary energy source were the carbs her body had stored from her meals that day.

When you workout, your body basically first burns the carbs you’ve been eating FIRST, then for a secondary energy source it will go to your fat stores and muscle. When you circuit train your body is much more likely to reach to your fat stores for additional energy. THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT! You do not want your body breaking down your muscle for energy. The best way to understand this is to visualize a long distance runner compared to a sprinter. The long distance runner looks almost emaciated, the sprinter is lean and muscular.

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Here are your takeaways:

1. circuit train, get your heart rate up and down continuously throughout your workout.

2. circuit training with high intensity cardio followed by rest, body weight exercises and weight training exercises.

3. To lose fat, you need to minimize your daily carbohydrate intake and increase your protein intake. Small high protein meals throughout the day keep your metabolism revving. From my experience with my clients, learning to make protein the backbone of each snack and meal is always the first step and biggest step towards faster fat loss each week.

4. Fruits and veggies are of course key, though I havent talked about them in this post. They are filled with micro-nutrients that keep you healthy, feeling great and regenerating from your workouts faster!





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