You know that there’s always a big fitness freakout at new years. I get WAY more excited right now, because now’s the time when more people are realizing summer is around the corner. Are you?


That means layers of clothes are coming off .. duh! It also means the belly you stored up over the winter is going to be out in the open.


I love this, no I’m not a jerk. I love it because this is the time of year I help my clients out the MOST.


When you have a clear goal in front of you with a concrete end date, goals are achieved! It’s simple human psychology, we get 80% more work done when the pressure is on!


If you know what I’m talking about and are ready to take action towards a leaner, sexerier version of you by summer, now’s the time to act.



March 31st, I’ll be hosting my “Sexy and Fit for Summer program” where the average weight loss last year was 8-12+ pounds fat .. and that’s where the GUARANTEE comes in.



It’s a 28 day program where we focus on:


Building a rock solid, sexy and flat stomach

Tighten and tone your thighs, legs, hips and Butt

Incinerate your stored up winter body fat



It’s only 28 days, and during that time you have to attend 3-5 sessions per week.


You have to follow the meal plans we provide to make sure you’re burning the MAXIMUM amount of fat over the 28 days. The plans are easy to follow as long as the grocery list is in your fridge.



The GUARANTEE is you will lose 8-12 pounds, and if you don’t, you can have your money back.



The first 7 spots have already been reserved, one of the last 8 is ready for you, if you’re ready to make a change ..


Let’s get busy!


Give me a shout at 514-928-0585 or respond to this email with your NAME and CELL NUMBER for more info.



Rock on!!





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