Keep your at home workouts simple!


You don’t need 20 exercises to make it an effective workout, especially when the goal is to burn as much fat as possible in a short period of time. I’ve provided 6 exercises bellow, but you can do it with even less.





Do the “Pyramid”:

Start with 8 reps of each exercise. Once you’ve finished 8 reps of the last (Bridge), go back to the first (Burpees) and do 7 reps of each exercise. Keep doing that all the way to 2 reps of each. Then start over at 8 reps of each šŸ™‚

Do that for 20 minutes, only taking rest as needed.

1. Burpees

2. Windshield wipers

3. Pushup

4. Jump Squat

5. Commando pushup

6. Bridge


Expecially when you’re working out at home, you want to get it DONE. So don’t waste time with fluffy exercises like crunches that burn little to no fat.


My new 30 Day Cleanse For Summer system is up and ready. For more info give me a shout at 514-928-0585 or email me at


My 30 Day Cleanse is an EXTREMELY easy to follow eating regimen that is EXTREMELY effective for dropping inches and fat.




After 8 days, Nancy (if you’re in my boot camp you may know her, non members obviously won’t :-P) has already lost 6 pounds, 2.5 inches around her abdomen, 1 inch around her waist, 2 inches around her upper thighs, and more! Claude and Cybill are both starting their cleanse next week.


All before and after pictures will be posted at the end of the 30 days. We’re all going to be feeling healthier than ever and looking better than ever by the time summer hits!!


Rock on!!









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